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Draught Proofing Timber Sash Windows

A really effective way of improving the performance of your original timber sash windows is to have a draught proofing system professionally installed. Sash Restoration Melbourne uses Reddiseals draught proofing strips to massively reduce the gaps in and around your sash and casement windows, and all but eliminate the intrusion of unwanted draughts into your home. Reddiseals draught proofing strips comprise of a central draught excluder flanked by a dense polypropylene brush on either side. 


This triple brush system provides an extremely effective barrier against unwanted draughts, as well as providing excellent sound proofing qualities and a tight barrier against the outside dust and dirt that works its way into your home through window gaps. Our comprehensive draught proofing service also includes the replacement of the parting beads and baton rods at the edges of your timber sash windows. New, tightly fitted beads and rods are a great draught proofing measure, as well as reducing the amount of window rattle that you experience. 


Draught proofing sash windows is a straightforward process that will leave you with well-fitting sash windows that perform well in our often cold and windy climate. All draught proofing is discreetly run into the windows and does not  alter the appearance of the windows in any way. This service is particularly suited to clients who live in  listed buildings, as planning restrictions will mean that upgrading to double glazing is often not an option.


How much does draught proofing timber sash windows cost? 


The cost-benefit of draught proofing sash windows is extremely high – draught proofing your windows doesn’t only reduce the cold air entering your rooms, it insulates the entire window area helping to retain heat and reducing your energy bills. Sash Restoration Melbourne offers very competitive prices for sash window draught proofing, and all our work is undertaken by our highly-skilled workmen which is guaranteed for five years. 

This service complies with all new conservation regulations and planning guidelines:


The vast majority of sash and casement windows in Melbourne are repairable, but should your existing sash windows be beyond repair, we can manufacture individual sashes to match the original, as well as offering a complete sash window restoration service. For further information of our draught proofing service please contact us at: or call us on: +610435972542