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Why you should restore or replace you traditional sash windows?



Traditional double-hung timber counter balance sash windows have the best design and are built to last providing they are maintained correctly. As Sash Restoration Melbourne, we pride ourselves on a sympathetic and considerate approach to the restoration of box sash windows. The sash windows in period properties are very important to the overall look and feel of the building. If the sash windows have fallen into disrepair the property can then look shoddy.

Furthermore, failure to repair rotten sash windows can lead to additional and more serious problems caused by penetrating water. Sometimes the original sash windows may have been replaced with modern windows that are not in keeping with the style to era of the building. 

What is timber sash window restoration?

  • Replacing part or whole elements of existing sash windows that have rotted or seen betters days

  • Complete sash window replacement 

  • Servicing your existing sash windows 

Renovation of Timber Sash Windows - How We Do It? 

  • First, we make sure the area is prepared and covered with dust sheets to keep mess to a minimum 

  • Then we remove and check both the top and bottom sash windows 

  • We remove any rot from the sills and boxes and either repair using epoxy resin or manufacture a replacement 

  • We remove any visible rot from the cills and boxes and either repair with epoxy resin or manufacture a replacement section

  • We always fit new 6mm sash cords when restoring your sash windows

  • Draught proofing brushes and beads are then installed to the windows to prevent drafts and rattles 

  • We will replace all broken ironmongery and can advise on the best security locks for your sash windows

Restoration or New Sash Windows? 

Sometimes, on first inspection, we find the sash windows are beyond repair. If this is the case, we will give a detailed quote and the cost of making, painting, glazing and fitting the new sash windows will be included. Occasionally, we will not be able to ascertain whether the sash windows will need to be replaced until we have taken the window apart. However, we would always agree any additional costs before continuing with the work. Find out more about manufacturing new sash windows here. 

Painting Your Sash Window: 

New and newly restored sash windows need to be decorated with good quality paint if they are to last and function for a long period of time. All the joinery we make is fully painted using a high quality micro-porous paint. Once painted, your windows are protected and will not need to be redecorated for up to 4 years. Find out more about our painting services here.

For further information please contact us at: 

Sash Restoration Melbourne Team

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